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Megastag Detective Agency enjoys the reputation of one of the most trusted and reliable detective agency in Delhi, India from over a decade. Our agency comprises of highly skilled and experienced private investigators and detectives that hold significant expertise in solving cases related with the matrimonial issues. Our team uses the most relevant and scientific techniques while conducting private investigations with better accuracy. The use of latest surveillance technologies and equipments ensure quick results with precision.

Owing to our proficiency in handling matrimonial investigation cases with perfection, we cross examine and verify all the factual information to ensure that the investigation results are correct and in line with our client's requirements. Our investigators make sure that personal opinion of related individuals should be taken in concern before taking up the investigation case because it allows our clients to get the appropriate and factual information related with the social status and understanding of the concerned persons. With the help of both social perception and hard facts, we offer the best possible solutions to our valued clients so that they can effectively come up with the correct decision.

All the matrimonial cases taken up by Megastag team are monitored from our main branch, which is based in Delhi. It helps our clients to contact directly at our main office to know the current status of their matrimonial cases. All our investigators in Delhi are well-trained both in field area and theory for tracing matrimony related frauds and impeding those from happening further. All our forensic experts are knowledgeable enough to take the required steps during the factual data collection process to ensure better client satisfaction for the solutions given. Our testimonials prove the fact that we have earned an admirable success rate among our competitors, which keeps us motivated to give the best services to our valued clients in upcoming days as well.

Along with commitment for offering the services with professionalism, Megastag has earned a great reputation for being a diligent, reliable, and excellent matrimonial detective agency in India with expertise in post and pre matrimonial investigation, spouse cheating and other related frauds.

We always strive to provide our clients with:

  • Better accuracy

  • Affordable and Trusted services

  • Factual information

  • Complete Scalability

  • Peace of Mind

If you choose to hire Megastag Detective Agency services, rest assured that you will get the most effective solutions related with your marriage problems so that you could take better decisions to make your life stable and peaceful.

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