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Loyalty Test, Loyalty Check, Loyalty Test Investigation in India

Since ages, loyalty and human relationships have been bonded together and their existence is nothing without either of them. Loyalty is similar to the taste of a cup of orange juice whose flavor can't be felt until the orange is completely wringed. In human heart, loyalty has a special place especially when it comes to marriages, where the entire relationship between the husband and wife is dependent on loyalty. If you are in a doubt that your spouse is cheating on you with someone else, or your spouse choice of perfume, clothes and shoes have changed, than choose Megastag's Loyalty test investigation services that are conducted to clear your doubts immediately.

Counted among the leading matrimonial detective agencies in Delhi, India, Megastag holds significant expertise and a team of qualified detectives to offer affordable loyalty test investigation services to its clients that includes use of latest surveillance techniques and equipments. To substantiate and conduct investigation on a person to know about his or her infidelity, we trace and track all physical activities of the concern persons and his social gathering and friend's circle to know more about his or her contacts, meetings etc.

The team of detectives at Megastag has profound knowledge of carrying out matrimonial investigations like loyalty test investigations and hence, the evidences and proofs collected by us can be used by our clients in their legal proceedings. We understand that relationships like marriages are very fragile and they need to be handled with emotions and trust, but in cases suspicion arises, then you can choose to hire our loyalty investigation services since, we offer tailored surveillance services for monitoring and tracking the activities of the suspected spouse that includes:

  • Recording the person's meetings and social gatherings
  • Photo, audio/video recording for substantiation
  • Recording details of the person's visit to different places
  • Tracing the suspected person's contact

  • Shadowing the person

The shadowing technique used by our investigation professionals involves the use of advanced GPS tracking and photographic evidence whenever it is possible. The use of high tech vehicles and undercover techniques help us to get in closer with the suspected person for finding out the factual information about his or her infidelity. We use inconspicuous techniques of surveillance to make the suspected person slightest apprehensive about being scrutinized.

Being a privately owned yet trusted detective agency for marriage, Megastag works on loyalty cases with utmost proficiency to provide trustworthy information to our clients by taking care of their privacy.